Abby at 4 months

Abigail Fiona (almost universally known as Abby though, or Pumpkin Muffin) is already 4 months old! She weighs roughly 13lbs on our home scale, but we won't know her official weight/length until her next pediatrician appointment on November 15th. She is still exclusively breastfeeding. At night she often sleeps for a 6 hour stretch, but unfortunately it's usually 7-1 not 12-6!

These days she is drooling a lot (beginning to teethe), blowing spit bubbles, and watching everything her big brother JJ does with wide-eyed fascination. She has a small bald patch on the back of her head from where she sleeps. We're applying for her passport this week!

Abby has mastered rolling over in both directions. She lifts her head up really high when she's on her tummy, and pulls herself upright when she's reclined in the bouncy chair - she's trying to grab her toes! She coos, attempts to laugh, and is starting to enjoy rattles and other toys.

Pictures: The official 4 month portrait

How cute are these ballerina tights?!

Posing for her passport photo

Holding a rattle

Little pixie!

In the Bjorn with Grandad Barry (my dad, visiting from the UK)

In the Bjorn with Mummy

Holding her head up

This is my favorite picture of Abby so far

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